Grading Service

CRAB is equipped to offer specialised evaluation methodologies addressing exclusive and area specific requirements under the umbrella of Grading services. The services are meant for evaluation of different activities and entities belonging to multi-faceted industries. CRAB’s grading service is designed to provide an objective, credible and independent opinion on the quality of entities being examined with specific reference to parameters and issues unique to the sector/sub-sector. Construction and real-estate development activities, hospitals and diagnostic services, are examples of such sector/sub-sectors. CRAB intends to establish strategic association with reputable and specialised bodies associated with the sector/sub-sector to develop and offer specialised grading products.

The following grading methodologies will illustrate the scope:

A. Real Estate Developers Grading :

Designed to make the investors (end user/buyer of property) aware of the risks involved in the developer’s ability to deliver as per specified terms and quality parameters and transfer of ownership on time. Also facilitates the overall growth of the real estate sector by providing the developers with guidance and incentives to conform to legal requirements and fair trade practices.

B. Health Care Institutions Grading :

Evaluates capability of the diagnostic and treatment providers to deliver quality care from the user’s (patient’s) perspective. Grading is designed to evaluate the two most important dimensions of care, viz. technical and interpersonal care, reflecting both infrastructure facilities and processes.

C. Other Grading Services :

CRAB is working in developing more grading services to other related areas and is equipped to design new services upon requirements of the clients.