Board of Directors

SLName of Directors
1Chairman Mr. Syed Manzur Elahi
Chairman of the Apex Group and Executive Committee of Mutual Trust Bank Limited
Former Advisor to the Caretaker Government of Bangladesh
2Mr. M. Syeduzzaman
Former Finance Minister, Government of Bangladesh
3Mr. Md. Matiul Islam, FCA
Former Secretary of Finance, Government of Bangladesh
4Mr. M. Anis Ud Dowla
Chairman, ACI Limited
5Mr. A.S.M. Quasem
Chairman, New Age Group
6Mr. Tapan Chowdhury
Managing Director, Square Pharmaceuticals Limited
Representing Astras Limited
7Mr. Raihan Rahman
Director, Groundstone Corporation Canada
8Mr. Noor A Alam Chowdhury
Chairman, Data Edge Limited
9Mr. Kaiser Islam
Managing Director Vikings Limited
10Mr. Mir Mahfuz Ur Rahman
Asian Tiger Capital Partners
11Mr. Sahil Humayun
Representing Unicorn Equities Limited.
12Mr. Asif Saad Bin Shams
Deputy Managing Director & Chief Risk Officer, IDLC Finance Limited
13Ms. Ruksana Yasmin
Deputy General Manager, Representing Investment Corporation of Bangladesh
14.Mr. M. Zubair Wafa
Chief Executive Officer, Credit Rating Agency of Bangladesh Limited