CRAB Presence Across Sectors

Credit Rating Agency of Bangladesh Ltd.

Credit Rating Agency of Bangladesh Ltd (CRAB) is committed to providing the financial markets with reliable, timely and prospective credit opinions. Built on a foundation of standardised approach in credit rating incorporating international best practices and local dynamics, CRAB is recognized around the country and across all industrial sectors as a market leader in credit ratings and research.

Credit Rating Agency of Bangladesh Ltd. (CRAB) was established in 2003 at the initiative of some leading personalities in private sector and institutions of the country with the commitment to contribute to the development of the capital market by providing quality ratings and comprehensive research services. CRAB was incorporated as a public limited company in 2003 and was granted licence by the Bangladesh Securities & Exchange Commission (BSEC) in 2004. Within short span of time, CRAB has established its reputation as a reliable source of independent opinion on risks based on systematic and standardized analysis done by professionals.

CRAB is a member of the Association of Credit Rating Agencies in Asia (ACRAA). ACRAA, established in 2001, is a federation of domestic rating agencies of the Asian Continent, formed with support and cooperation of the Asian Development Bank (ADB). ACRAA works to develop cooperation among credit rating agencies in Asia and promote best practices and standards. As a member, CRAB has been member of the best practices committee of ACRA and actively participates in all its activities (web: CRAB is also a founder member of Association of Credit Rating Agencies in Bangladesh (ACRAB).