Technical Advisor

CRAB Technical Advisors

Anwaruddin Chowdhury FCA: Technical Advisor:

Mr. Anwaruddin Chowdhury FCA, Technical Advisor is a chartered accountant by profession. Mr. Chowdhury is a past president of the Institute of Chartered Accountants in Bangladesh (ICAB), and a council member of the Institute. He was the first Managing Director of CRAB. An internationally renowned accounting professional,  he acted as consultant for different international development agencies, regulatory bodies, corporations etc. Mr. Chowdhury has been the Technical Advisor of the CRAB since 2005.

Md. Fokrul Islam FCA: Advisor:

Mr. Md. Fokrul Islam ACA, Advisor of CRAB is a chartered accountant by profession. Mr. Islam has been involved with CRAB as an advisor since 2007. He has worked in General and Life Insurance Companies, Manufacturing sector and Micro Finance for a long time.

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