CRAB Arranges Workshop on Basel 2 & 3 in Chittagong


In order to enhance the capacity of banking professionals, CRAB, the leading rating agency of the country organized a Technical Workshop on “Bank Profitability vs Capital Management – Basel II & III perspective” at Agrabad Hotel, Chittagong, which was participated by around 200 banking professionals of most of the banks in Chittagonj region. The approach was practical, focusing on the implications of the framework on pricing, deal structuring, profitability and ultimately, competitiveness.

Mr. Hamidul Huq, Managing Director of CRAB inaugurated the session. Mr. Mohammad Masum Kamal Bhuiyan, General Manager, Bangladesh Bank, Chittagong presented his paper on Basel I & II implementation in Bangladesh.

Mr. Bhuiyan said that the implementation of Basel 2 in Bangladesh Banking sector has strengthened the Credit risk management as well as promoted increased transparency.

Mr. Mohammed Tajul Islam, Vice President and Head of Ratings was the title presenter. By attending the workshop, the participants gain an understanding of the concept of Economic capital, Expected and Unexpected Losses; the concept of RAROC/RORAC and its impact on pricing, business decisions and (active) credit portfolio management; and the practical implications of the new Accord in terms of pricing and profitability of business lines and individual transactions.

Mr. H S Sohrawardhi, Sr. Vice President and Mr. Khalid Hossin, Head of Business Development, of CRAB were present. Senior officials later participated in a open discussion session.