CRAB Analytics and Social Responsibility Asia (SR Asia) Bangladesh inked Strategic Alliance Agreement

CRAB Analytics and Social Responsibility Asia (SR Asia) Bangladesh inked Strategic Alliance Agreement

The robust sustainability report of today must be far more than a compliance exercise. It is a tool for demonstrating the effort that reporters have made in integrating sustainability into their core business strategy, with benefits for business and society alike. In fact, ‘doing well by doing good’ is now an established operational ethos for companies – big and small.

In a press release , Credit Rating Agency of Bangladesh Limited and SR Asia Bangladesh informed that “CRAB Analytics” and “SR Asia Bangladesh” entered into a long-term strategic alliance ( CRAB-SR Asia Initiatives) to market and perform certain services exclusively for the following products and services (collectively the “Services” or “Alliance”) : (a) Sustainability Reporting & Assurance; (b) Social Impact Assessment and (c) SDG Compass Implementation; to clients of Bangladesh and market participants through a co-branding relationship (“Co-branding Relationship”).

Mohammed Tajul Islam, Chief Analytical Officer, CRAB Analytics & Chief Representative of Alliance Initiatives, said: “In today’s world, the increasing demand for sustainability information is inevitable. Increasingly governments, stock exchanges, investors, and society at large are calling on companies to be transparent about their sustainability goals and performance. These Initiatives are designed to support organizations in the strategic journey- to help them to measure and manage change, and to communicate their understanding about the connections between sustainability and business”. He added: “in the world of business, what gets measured, gets done.”

Sumaya Rashid, Country Director, SR Asia (Bangladesh) & Chief Representative of Alliance Initiatives, said;

“To pursue a new sustainable business model, companies need to integrate CSR into their business strategy. It is a long journey, but our initiatives are the milestone to achieve these challenging goal”. She added, “With several sustainability experts (local & foreign) on our team and our footprint on number of countries including India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam and Singapore, we jointly provide a range of sustainability services – which will enable all companies and organizations to report on their economic, environmental, social and governance performance”.