Advisory & Consulting Service

The Advisory & Consultancy Services will offer wide ranging management advisory services which include strategic counselling, restructuring solutions, financial feasibility, financial structuring/modelling, client specific need-based studies in the banking and financial services, corporate and other core sectors. CRAB is prepared to extend sophisticated Credit Risk Management services for banks and other lenders. CRAB advisory services are also available for project preparation, evaluation and execution.

CRAB is also ready to offer advisory/consulting services to clients who are seeking to be more competitive in their operating spheres. Such advisory services will be useful for a variety of clients – corporate entities, regulatory authorities, banks/financial service organisations, industry associations, local governments, government organisations, and multi-lateral agencies, through selective tie-ups with reputed organizations having expertise in specific sectors.

A. Banking & Insurance :

Risk Management through to designing and implementing risk models in areas of Credit, Portfolio, Derivatives, Asset Liability Matching etc.

NPL management

Strategy Development

Process & Organizational Restructuring


B. Corporate :

Financing structures & modeling

Financial feasibility of expansions or restructuring

Need based assignments


C. Projects :

Project Feasibility Studies which include technical and financial feasibility, demand studies, regulatory compliance, risk identification & mitigations etc.

Financial structure of project financing


D. Power Sector :

Price & tariff setting, evaluation of contracts, business policy & plan formulation, service costing, capacity building,

Project Feasibility Study with Technical & Financial Viability, Risk assessment, Due diligence, Counter-party risk assessment, Market assessment, growth strategies, improving profitability and competitiveness

Financial Structuring & Arrangement of Funds


E. Infrastructure :

Project Feasibility studies, structuring private sector participation options, risk assessment, assessing the commercial viability of projects, designing concession agreements, Financial Structuring & Arrangement of Funds.


F. Transport :

Project identification, technical and financial feasibility / modeling, demand / traffic studies, traffic and transport planning.

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